Ho ho ho

Christmas is just next month, can you believe it?! Amongst recently moving, dealing with my partner being on tour with a band intermittently, buying new furniture, settling into a new role at work and party planning, I have a lot more than just present buying on my mind! In saying that, buying gifts for others is one of my absolute favourite pastimes! So I've created a buying guide for ya'll for xmas time- with a gift to suit every womans style and taste. 

xmas gifts: save

xmas gifts: spend

xmas gifts: splurge

Moving in!

Last week, we packed up and moved into a new home in the city. The new place definitely has it's perks- a pool and it being walking distance to my new workplace are my two favourites. A few weeks prior to moving, I became obsessed with homewares. Since I've lived in Melbourne (and out of my parents place) four years ago, I've been a student and have never had the money, time or space to make my place seem like a home, until now. I have been having a great time styling my new placewith homewares- it's become my guilty pleasure! Homewares instead of handbags- who would have thought?! Here are my favourite items right now:

And of course- Plants! Cacti is so low maintenance and looks great.

September wishlist

September wishlist xo

September wishlist xo by lucyannalisse


  • Valentino Rockstud Flats because I feel like they would accompany my wardrobe perfectly as a staple for work and play.
  • Quote picture frame, ampersand light feature and rose gold lamp, all for my potential new apartment!
  • T2 creme brulee, as I have almost finished my whole tin of Chai!
  • Typo teacup with quote inside. So cute. 
  • Kate Spade New York Olivera bag in Geranium. I already bought this, not going to lie, but it is 8 days into September ;)
  • New eyeliner. 

What are your MUST have items this month?