Neverfull MM: from loathe to love



Hi Lovelies! 

I recently started a luxury items wishlist on pinterest along with a "luxury items I own" board, and at the top of my wishlist is the ever classic Louis Vuitton Neverfull in the MM size with the abricot lining. I've actually had very mixed opinions about this bag in general for a while.

I always preferred the small PM size, and found that the MM size is too common, but after a lot of consideration, I've really grown to love this size and see it for it's convenience. It's not an excessive price for this piece in my opinion (although there have been a lot of price increases in the past few years. In the canvas, the MM size is AUD $1630, while the smaller PM is $1540 and the biggest, GM, is $1710. What I love about the MM size is the fact that I can fit everything I need (including my laptop) and it's not too oversized for my build and height. It's the perfect everyday kind of tote- for work or travel (both of which I do a lot of!). With the little pouch to take out at lunch time at work or use for a night out as it's own piece. I love the idea of having a clutch to use as well as the tote. Both pieces will be very versatile. As for the abricot lining, yes, I can see why another colour may be more versatile, but I just really adore orange! It goes well with my wardrobe as I wear a lot of neutrals and navy, which it will look stunning with.

If anyone out there has luxury wishlists, let me see them! xx

Ho ho ho

Christmas is just next month, can you believe it?! Amongst recently moving, dealing with my partner being on tour with a band intermittently, buying new furniture, settling into a new role at work and party planning, I have a lot more than just present buying on my mind! In saying that, buying gifts for others is one of my absolute favourite pastimes! So I've created a buying guide for ya'll for xmas time- with a gift to suit every womans style and taste. 

xmas gifts: save

xmas gifts: spend

xmas gifts: splurge

Moving in!

Last week, we packed up and moved into a new home in the city. The new place definitely has it's perks- a pool and it being walking distance to my new workplace are my two favourites. A few weeks prior to moving, I became obsessed with homewares. Since I've lived in Melbourne (and out of my parents place) four years ago, I've been a student and have never had the money, time or space to make my place seem like a home, until now. I have been having a great time styling my new placewith homewares- it's become my guilty pleasure! Homewares instead of handbags- who would have thought?! Here are my favourite items right now:

And of course- Plants! Cacti is so low maintenance and looks great.