Successful birthday! I got to spend time with my lovely family and friends. I had a cute lunch with my best friend, coffee with another, and hot chocolates and cuteness with a third before heading to dinner and drinks with my family. My friend (we'll call him hot chocolate friend) got me this AMAZING bag. Who knew country boys had so much style. ;)


Australia day get up! A few days ago is was Australia day, and I challenged myself to incorperate both green and yellow into my outfit in honour of the day. I ended up witht this super colourful get up. I had a few friends around for a BBQ while listening to the JJJ hottest 100 full aussie style and we had an amazing time.


usa, i'm on my way

Hey lovelies! I've been super busy lately, working really hard as well as planning my trip to America next year, shopping for xmas and making music with my new band. However, I have really been enjoying dressing up at every chance I get. Today, this is what I wore for my busy day collecting mail, sending xmas presents, shopping and going out for dinner (and maybe an episode or two of desperate housewives- shh!). ;)
Wearing: Black Milk Wetlook Skater Dress, Supre button up shirt (ick haha), Lovisa necklace, Nastygal bag. 


Today has been super busy for me, with lots of appointments and a shift at work as well, but I managed to get a few snaps of my OOTD! The weather is a bit questionable in Melbourne right now, pouring rain one day and warm the next. So today wore my new Black Milk wetlook/black JF spartan leggings with a printed ombre Dangerfield shirt and a grey knitted vest. I paired it with a paper look clutch from Saxony for a look that would work in any kind of weather. To finish I added dark cherry lipstick and some cat eye sunglasses. Hope you're all having a fabulous day. :) x


Last weekend I flew up to Brisbane to attend the Black Milk annual Christmas party (you can check out all of the pictures on instagram under #bmparty13)! The weekend was extremely jam packed but oh so much fun! On Friday, we were treated to a tour of the three locations where Black Milk create their amazing clothing by the label owner, James Lillis. He showed us how the garments are printed, cut, and sewn, and then we also got to see (my favourite) the design room. It was full of amazing prototypes and sketches. Unfortunately (but understandably) we weren't able to photograph anything from the design room. We were then able to purchase some samples and be part of the weekly podcast which featured the new gym wear range.

On Saturday BM held an event at Wet N Wild but instead, my friends and I headed into Brisbane for a day of pampering in preparation for the party that night! The event was limited to 500 people and when we arrived there was a huge line to get in. Luckily for us, because we arrived with James, we were able to go straight in and enjoy the sharktini's, photobooths and great company! All in all, it was a very successful weekend in the valley. Can't wait for next year! :)


Yesterday the Pop Up Op Shop posted a link to my blog about my visit! How exciting. In other news, one of my favourite shoe brands Miista posted my styling of their ombre boots (which I own) on their facebook a while back too! 
And funnily enough, just today while procrastinating assignments, I found a repost from my instagram on Beginning Boutiques facebook page! Check it out here
Loving the small amount of promotion! It's very sweet when businesses appreciate you as a customer enough to support your blog with a link. 


htl x windsor smith

After a lot of lusting and a little trouble, they're finally mine! All in their gold holographic beauty. These are the Stern shoes in gold from the How Two Live x Winsdor Smith collab. I couldn't be prouder of Jes and Stef, the Melbourne sisters who have taken the fashion world by storm with their eclectic wardrobe(s?) and co-ordinated outfits. These shoes are of the usual Windsor Smith quality. They don't look like they'll fall apart anytime soon, but they're not going to last me years (crying at the thought). I found they they fit fairly true to size, maybe a teeny bit big (which is perfect for me, as I'm in between sizes) if anything. They're also super comfortable while still giving you some added height. Personally, I was heartbroken when they sold out at WS, and I know lots of others were too, so I emailed them to ask about a re-stock, but I was told there was no more. Then, I randomly checked the site last week and boom, there they were! Fab. I honestly would have prefered buying them from solestruck, as they are amazing over there and the shoes were being put up a few days afterwards, but I would have had to pay shipping from the US to here as well. So, get them while you can from Windsor Smith (only some styles/sizes left) or Solestruck. :)

- They're totally worth the $150 price tag
- Fairly true to size.
- More htl x ws please, or even better, htl x solestruck.



In my tote today :)

In my tote today :) by lucyannalisse 

This is the bag I took to uni today, and the contents. What's in your bag?


On Monday I headed to the airport to pick someone up, I wore my black milk bone machine leggings,  YRU loafers,  a sheer top, fuzzy vest and my new lion necklace :) 

I love this so much. Mary-Kate and Ashley, damn you, you're so fab. *cries into my blackmilk*


Party Poison

It was nice, sunny spring weather in Melbourne. For about a week. 
Now it's back to cold and rainy. But, on the plus side, this means I get to wear layers for a little longer! Tonight I went off to meet some friends for all you can eat indian bbq. Amazing.
Wearing Black Milk as usual, and the rest is all no name kind of stuff that I picked up from random places. :) My hair has gotten brighter, which is awesome,
 I am really happy with my red. I feel like Gerard Way. 


Yesterday, some friends and I headed to The Pop Up Op Shop on Chapel St, Melbourne. 
The project is run to benefit Shekinah Homeless Services. 
The adorable multiple room store features gorgeous recycled trinkets, bags and clothing that would even impress well seasoned vintage seekers.
We climbed up the stairs to see the magnificent shoe selection and to look through my favourite section in op shops, the bags I managed to score an old LV rip-off wallet that I found charming. 
1. Timothy and I enjoying the mirrors.
2. The window display.
3. Amazing book shelf I have filed in my DIY folder.
4. Ladder filled with belts and view of Chapel St.
5. The wallet I scored for $4.
6. The epic shoe collection. 
7. JJ heading to the 2nd storey.

The Pop Up Op Shop is currently located at 51 Chapel St, Windsor. Check it out to help out those in need. 


New make up look. It's so nice to have a MUA around!


It's you, not me.

Today is BRINTY DAY! Which translates roughly to: "I have uni today and I kinda want to look grungy but I really don't actually care because I get to see my sister today and I am excited as fuck". *sigh* Is is 6.25pm yet?! :D Going to change my outfit now anyway! Follow me on instagram for more pics.

Wearing YES, Unif, Black Milk etc. xx


I do enjoy outfit planning while avoiding housework. All of these items are new! I love the clutch so much. It's super glittery and shiny and so BIG! The shoes were a last minute purchase. I haven't worn non-rounded toe flats in AGES. So these will be a bit fun and different for me. I also plan to wear this jumpsuit with my JC rainbow Popos. Standout and a bit crazy... exactly what I like. xoxo



L is wearing: 

Crop: Fairground
Dress: Black Milk
Leggings: Black Milk

Shoes: Santini

T is wearing: 

T-shirt: Shichigoro for Black Milk 
Shirt:  K-mart
Jeans: General Pants Co
Shoes: BE


Uni is back. What does this mean? Cute outfits and exercising my brain. Yes, Finally! I've also been spending a small amount of time per week participating in a small fashion newsletter, and doing so has been great for my motivation! I would link you all but it's part of a private community. How exciting!

In fashion news, one of my favourite blogging duos, the Dudon sisters, have announced a collaboration with Winsdor Smith! Two of my favourites coming together. The two beauties are responsible for the blog How Two Live, and also happen to be sharkies. They are quite loyal to Australian designers, which is part of the reason I love their blog. Check it out here.

 Australian label Lonely Kids Club released a new shirt today featuring Poncho the Pug, an adorable pooch who has recently become quite the icon. It’s a limited edition run that came about as the result of a bet. Check it out

Well-loved Italian fashion label LovelySally has recently done a collaboration with COFFEE.N.TELEVISION, featuring six beautiful monochromatic swimsuits. This collection is available to purchase here

Recently I was featured on the lovely Joani's blog which featured a exclusive Black Milk piece, the Sheriff swimsuit. Check me out among all of the other hot little bosses here where we feature in Joani's 200th post on her wonderful blog!

Oh, and today I received three new items of clothing that I'm really excited to share with you! Hints: Sharks. Holographic. Lips.  :) Anyway, that's pretty much all that's going on in my world. 'Til next time, stay lovely. xoxo