august wishlist

This is my current mantra. For the month ahead I have complied a wishlist of things I would love to own so I can enjoy styling/wearing. The top of my list is the Micheal Kors Selma Quilt- a very simple but unique piece which I plan on acquiring today, and my next priority is those boots or some similar. I am in love with them, they're edgy but I think I can get away with wearing them to work... What do you think of these pieces?

august wishlist


When is the correct time to be wed?

When my sister was about to get married, upon telling my friends, I’d hear “but she’s so young” echo through the time space continuum for approximately an hour afterwards. Sure, it was one and a half years ago and she is only two years older than me and the thought of me planning a wedding now terrifies me. It did even then, despite the fact that it was hers. I had no idea how to be a maid of honour. She would have been better off asking me to be an actual maid.
Now that facebook has incessantly begun throwing wedding jewelry advertising in my face, I wonder, am I, at the tender age of 23, really the target for buying myself an engagement ring? Sure, they’re pretty, but doesn’t liking the pages on facebook or tagging my partner seem a bit forward. Takes a bit of the romance away. That’s the only advertisements i get though. Before this it was mostly “hot lesbians in my area”. To be honest, I preferred that. I don't believe that there is a specific timeframe in which you should feel obligated to get married, but obviously Facebook is biased and believes that I'm the ideal target audience for their capitalism.

The thing is, weddings are beautiful ceremonies based on love and commitment. Which is lovely, really. There's no doubt that I appreciated being part of the day that my sister always dreamed of, but it is a shame that everyone doesn't feel like they can dream about it. It hits me really hard that we still haven't achieved marriage equality here in Australia. Hopefully we take the lead that America has set and make sure that after all this time that #LoveWins. 


JAPAN! advice for aussie travellers

I recently got back from Japan- which I lovingly call Japanime. What a strangely beautiful country. To say I love travelling as much as the next person is definitely an understatement. I can count more overseas trips than anyone in my family and aim for around one trip overseas per year. That is why I work so much and am constantly in a state of busy. I have to save so that I can either buy my current dream Chanel bag or go to a new country every year. It's simply a must. Before I left, I read plenty of blogs, watched youtube videos with my travelling partner and with his help- made a list of places we had to go and things to do. There was only a couple of things we missed on our huge list over the whole three and a half weeks.

Ōkunoshima, which has been playfully dubbed as "Bunny Island" is a tiny island which is somewhat close to Hiroshima.  It took several trains and a ferry ride to get there but it was an oddly charming place. The island, which is only about 4kms around, played a role in WW2 by producing poison gas for chemical warfare, and the remains of the buildings where this took place still stand today, along with a small museum which will cost you a 100 ¥ coin to get into. Additionally, there is a resort with a cafe and gift shop and a visitor centre, but other than that, the island is just a playground for about 300 wild rabbits. Yes, 300. Ish.

My advice: Take bunny food with you. They don't sell it on the island. Go see the historical sites as well as letting wild bunnies chase you around. You only need a few hours on bunny island, but you will enjoy it and kids will love it.

 This is Odawara, where we spent a whole day after our Shinkansen was delayed for six hours due to a passenger lighting himself on fire on the train. He died at the scene while another passenger died as a result of the tragedy due to smoke inhilation. This was tragic and delayed our plans, but without this unexpected delay, we wouldn't have spent a day in Odawara and seen the castle, gone vintage shopping, tried food out of a takoyaki truck and saw a live news story unfold in front of our eyes. So my next piece of advice: embrace the chaos.
Hakone open air museum
In Hakone, we stayed at a traditional Ryokan, sleeping on a tatami and using private Onsens. Because I have a couple of tattoos on my legs, I knew it was better that I use private onsens rather than public as in Japan, tattoos are associated with Yakuza. I found sleeping on the tatami to be tolerable but I did want a softer pillow. The pillows in traditonal Japanese hotels/inns tend to be on the harder side because they are generally filled with buckwheat husks. 

Ueno, Tokyo
More things I learned which you may find useful, interesting or charming:
  •  Ice cream shops all seem to have an unwritten law that they MUST  have a big ice cream statue out the front near the door to symbolise that they sell ice cream. The same one. All of them. All over Japan. It's adorable! Similarly, barber shops all have those spinny blue and red light poles. It's almost like if these items weren't out the front, people wouldn't believe they cut hair or sold ice cream. 
  • Swastikas (manji), don't have the same stigma in Japan as they don't have the same meaning. They are often used to symbolise Buddist Temples on maps as it symbolises eternity in Buddist tradition. 
  • Learn some Japanese. At the least, learn how to say hello, good morning/afternoon, yes, no, excuse me, please, thank you and sorry. My most used phrases were can I please have ___?, hello, yes, excuse me and "I don't understand". In saying that, learning basics of how to buy something and order in restuarants will get you pretty far. Even though a lot of Japanese and English words are similar like Hamburger/hanbāgā, you have to actually pronounce it correctly to be understood. 
  • Trains generally aren't late, but central train stations are huge. They're more like airports rather than train stations. It might take you a while to get to your platform so allow plenty of time for that if you're trying to get somewhere, especially at peak times. In saying that- it seems much more effective to get a train over a plane if you're going across the country- so as a foreign traveller, invest in a JR pass before you go to Japan. 
  • Yes, they do have different toilets to what you're probably used to. No, it's not a big deal! Generally the options were semi western, hi tech "shower toilets" or the type where the toilet bowl is on the ground and you squat over it. Usually most toilets have both but not always- you'll be fine. Just roll with it. 
  • At most food places, you are given a damp towel or towelette to clean your hands prior to eating. Don't use it on your face. 
  • Convenience stores are everywhere and they are awesome. There are several types, the best one to withdraw cash is 7/11 as it accepts the most cards. Japan primarily functions on cash rather than using EFTPOS/credit cards so have plenty on hand all the time. 
  • You will notice that the convenience stores have amazing food (that they will heat up for you when you pay) and drinks that we pay $4 at 7/11 here you will pay about $1.40 in Japan. The difference is huge. I read a lot that Japan was expensive before I went- but compare it to melbourne and you won't think so. It was only expensive if you tried to eat pizza or something else non-japanese. We could decide between paying 580 ¥ for a huge bowl of ramen,  or 3160 ¥ for a pizza. Of course we would choose the ramen! 
  • Vending machines are everywhere. Everywhere. Everywhere


Welcome back, me.

Isle De Pins- New Caledonia

I am a blogging addict, it is absolutely true. Blogging, microblogging, social media in general- I love it all I am the (semi) proud owner of thirteen Tumblrs, five Blogspots, a Pinterest, a Weheartit, and probably a few old Wordpress accounts that I've forgotten about, not to mention an old MySpace profile/blog which would be set on fire by my gaze alone if it  dared to exist in hardcopy. I am an avid instagrammer and I love a good restuarant review on ye ol' Zomato, which used to be known as Urbanspoon. Today I decided to I should start using twitter too... I did say I'm addicted. Recently, the pressure of working full time while studying has affected me and I have gotten far too comfortable with Tumblr, simply re-blogging the things which I find aesthetically pleasing or thought provoking. The truth is, it's easy. It enables me to share something I like with my followers quickly and easily without too much effort. My dashboard (aka feed) is almost like reading a fashion, home and social justice magazine, chopping out the articles I like the most, and therefore curating my blog for my own readers. It's cute I guess. But I'm not contributing in a real way. Hence why I need so many blogs. It has it's place in my tangle of social media- but this is where you will get my real contribution. You may notice as a long time follower that almost all of my old fashion posts are gone- I can't really explain this, google has failed me and most of my images just disappeared so I've had to remove the posts completely. Sorry - we'll just have to turn over a new leaf. ;)


As it turns out, being as cute as a button is hereditary. Meet my favourite little guy, Oliver! My older brothers youngest little guy. He loves trains and posing for pictures with his hand on his face like David Bowie. 


Today is a great day. I got my first two pairs of Choo's!  I chose these suede and acetate beauties and a pair of ponyhair espadrilles in zebra print. I am lucky enough to work for a fashion company that runs JC here in Australia. Feeling pretty good about my shoe choices today. 


Hey beautiful creatures! So as it turns out, I have a new job in fashion. I work with a company that distributes brands to Australia (mainly from the US) so we don't just miss out on huge brands and are only able to get them while abroad or shopping online. It's so exciting to be doing something that is more aligned with my interests. It's been a couple of months and I'm stoked to be part of it. Just in case you were wondering where I was hiding, that's my excuse.  ;) ♡ Lucy.


usa, i'm on my way

Hey lovelies! I've been super busy lately, working really hard as well as planning my trip to America next year, shopping for xmas and making music with my new band. However, I have really been enjoying dressing up at every chance I get. Today, this is what I wore for my busy day collecting mail, sending xmas presents, shopping and going out for dinner (and maybe an episode or two of desperate housewives- shh!). ;)
Wearing: Black Milk Wetlook Skater Dress, Supre button up shirt (ick haha), Lovisa necklace, Nastygal bag. 


htl x windsor smith

After a lot of lusting and a little trouble, they're finally mine! All in their gold holographic beauty. These are the Stern shoes in gold from the How Two Live x Winsdor Smith collab. I couldn't be prouder of Jes and Stef, the Melbourne sisters who have taken the fashion world by storm with their eclectic wardrobe(s?) and co-ordinated outfits. These shoes are of the usual Windsor Smith quality. They don't look like they'll fall apart anytime soon, but they're not going to last me years (crying at the thought). I found they they fit fairly true to size, maybe a teeny bit big (which is perfect for me, as I'm in between sizes) if anything. They're also super comfortable while still giving you some added height. Personally, I was heartbroken when they sold out at WS, and I know lots of others were too, so I emailed them to ask about a re-stock, but I was told there was no more. Then, I randomly checked the site last week and boom, there they were! Fab. I honestly would have prefered buying them from solestruck, as they are amazing over there and the shoes were being put up a few days afterwards, but I would have had to pay shipping from the US to here as well. So, get them while you can from Windsor Smith (only some styles/sizes left) or Solestruck. :)

- They're totally worth the $150 price tag
- Fairly true to size.
- More htl x ws please, or even better, htl x solestruck.



In my tote today :)

In my tote today :) by lucyannalisse 

This is the bag I took to uni today, and the contents. What's in your bag?


I love this so much. Mary-Kate and Ashley, damn you, you're so fab. *cries into my blackmilk*


It's you, not me.

Today is BRINTY DAY! Which translates roughly to: "I have uni today and I kinda want to look grungy but I really don't actually care because I get to see my sister today and I am excited as I can get!". *sigh* Is is 6.25pm yet?! Follow me on instagram for more pics. Wearing YES, Unif, Black Milk and ASOS. <3 font="">


I do enjoy outfit planning while avoiding housework. All of these items are new! I love the clutch so much. It's super glittery and shiny and so BIG! The shoes were a last minute purchase. I haven't worn non-rounded toe flats in a very long time, but points are back. So these will be a bit fun and different for me. I also plan to wear this jumpsuit with my JC rainbow Popos. Standout and a bit crazy... exactly what I like. xoxo



My new pretties! I saved some pennies for a bunch of shoes I've been lusting after. 
It's just so much cheaper to get them all at once to save on shipping (plus, fedex upgrade, hehe) as well of obvious EOFY sales. I decided this time to only stick to flat (ish) more practical shoes. I have tonnes of JC's and the like now, and most of them are showstopping heels. Which I love, of course, I don't usually just go off to uni in them, so I wanted some nicer more edgy flat or platform boots/sneakers. This is what I ended up with.
I'm pretty in love with them. And only one pair is outrageously coloured so they'll be good for most occasions. The docs will help me through the freezing melbourne winter, too.
I'll post a review when they all get here which should be soon! xo


pastel perfection

This is my simplest, but favourite set, ever. 
Also, if you're a sharkie, join my group here